Kinnelon Pool Garden

I was called in to re-plant this pool garden. Fencing and bed sizes were already here. This pool area has very small and narrow planting beds, that contained overgrown Boxwood and Spirea shrubs and no seasonal interest. The fences were not installed as a rectangle, but with an angled corner on one side. Also the gate to enter pool was placed to one side, not centered. My main goal was to convey symmetry and disguise this uneven perimeter. The theme here being Formal Symmetry. Working within the existing footprint, We changed out most all the shrubs to perennials. Each spring different Annuals will be planted between. The narrow far side of the pool had a row of large boxwood that didn’t line up with the width of the pool or anything else for that matter. Some were removed altogether and my crew transplanted the best ones to line up with the pool. 8 large pots were brought in, two planted with Korean Lilac trees were placed opposite each other, centered on the pool.