Enchanted Woodland Garden

I call this garden the Enchanted Woodland because it really needs to be felt as well as seen. It has a good aura when you walk through it. The way the light comes through the trees is magical and draws you down the path. 

This foundation garden was very plain before and seriously damaged by deer. This garden is mostly in shade yet it had many plants that needed full sun to thrive. By clearing out the old and introducing shade loving, deer resistant plants on both sides of the walkway, an interesting stroll to the front door was achieved. A curved, double row of boxwood opposite the front door gives more importance to the entrance area. The curved planting echoes the curve at the end of the walkway.
The large pot and Tuteur with vine serves as a focal point at the end of the walk to the front door. The large scale of it was chosen so it can also be seen from the street view at the bottom of the sloped lawn. The sloped property was a challenge for us. The home owner did not want to get involved with terracing any of the hill to allow for bigger planting beds. I am pleased with what was achieved here while keeping all the existing conditions.