dry stream bed

This unused back yard was already terraced, although not level. A walkway through the middle was on a slant and dangerous to walk, especially in wet weather. Only weeds were living here as the deer visited here every day. The owners had given up for a while on the space. 
We came in to plant the area with deer resistant perennials and ended up developing with the homeowner a much bigger project than anticipated. We were asked to address the issue of water taking all the mulch down the hill in rains. That was the start of the dry steam bed creation. The first section next to the stairs was a very steep slope. Once that was conquered the homeowner could see where we were going with this and was happy to let us go all the way to the end. She also called us back to create a Rain Garden at the bottom and start eliminating the grass, which did not do well in all the shade anyway. 
Within the sloped terrace area we created tiers of level planting areas using materials found on site. We also remade the walkway into stairs also using all the existing bluestone.