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Garden Revival is a landscape design company that came about from a strong passion for plants and a natural sense of design.

From a young age all forms of art and design have appealed to Marybeth.  Professionally for 30 years she has been expressing her creativity as a hairstylist, owning and operating her own business for 8 of those years.  Keeping her busy, alongside the hairdressing career Marybeth and her husband Mark purchased an historic house in derelict condition.  The 1890s Queen Anne Victorian had sat empty for 3 years and had no running water when they purchased it.  Restoration of the main house, guesthouse and 3/4 acre property went on for 10 years.  It was here on this property, which was a clean slate, where her creativity and love of design flourished, in the form of casual and formal Garden Rooms, Arbors, Pergola, stone walls and a Koi pond. With each project the passion for unusual plants grew.  Mark and Marybeth have amassed a large collection of plants and perform most of the maintenance on the property themselves.  It was through friends bringing others to tour the garden that started her journey into Landscape Design.

The knowledge of a wide range of plants and gardening techniques were well in place before Marybeth enrolled in a two-year course and earned her diploma in landscape design.

Creating well put together gardens that check all the boxes of a homeowners wish list is such a rewarding experience.